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When I read the Bible, I envision what I’m reading on the page like watching a video on a screen or place myself in the middle of all the action as if I were there. This is easily enough done because of my life experiences and images I see on multimedia. When reading about Jesus walking on the water or calming the seas, I can only imagine what the Sea of Galilee looks like because I have never actually been there in person.

On the Holy Land Tour, you actually go out on a boat on the Sea of Galilee and read the scriptures together and experience the location and sights and sounds found in the Word of God! What an opportunity! Here are the details.

Educational Opportunities Holy Land Tour 2015

December 26th, 2015 – January 4th, 2016

Cost from Tulsa $3,668 per person

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The Tour

The Galilee:

With Bible in hand, cross the waters of the Sea of Galilee by boat. Along the way, participate in a special on board worship service. Travel to Capernaum, the center of Jesus’ ministry in the Galilee. Visit the synagogue that stands on the site where Jesus taught. Recall his teaching and preaching the gospel of the kingdom (Matt. 4:13, 23). At Kibbutz Nof Ginosar, you’ll learn about the “Ancient Boat,” a rare example of the kind of boat in which Jesus would have sailed. Travel to the Mount of Beatitudes where Jesus preached to the people (Matt. 5-7). At Tabgha, the traditional location for the calling of the disciples and the feeding of the 5,000, you’ll visit the Church of the Fish and the Loaves (Luke 9:10-17). You’ll also visit the Chapel of the Primacy where three times Peter professed his devotion to the risen Christ (John 21). At the River Jordan you can remember your baptism in the Yardenit Baptismal Site.

Beit Shean, Nazareth, Megiddo, and Caesarea:

Visit the ruins of Beit Shean that was continuously inhabited for 5000 years and was one of the Roman cities Jesus passed on his way from Galilee to Jerusalem. Visit Nazareth, Jesus’ boyhood home (Matthew 2:23). Travel the ancient caravan route to Tel Megiddo where 20 different cities lie superimposed upon each other. Visit the Roman Aqueduct and Theatre at Caesarea, a center of the early Christians. Here, Cornelius became the first Gentile convert to the new religion (Acts 10) and Paul was imprisoned before being taken to Rome for Trial.

Jericho, Qumran, and Bethlehem:

Travel to Jericho and visit the ruins of the ancient city, which was conquered by Joshua (Josh. 6:1, 2, 20). From Jericho, you can see the traditional site of the Temptation of Jesus (Matt. 4:1-11). Even today, the road from Jericho to Jerusalem twists for miles as it climbs from below sea level into the Judean Mountains. Jesus traveled the nearby Roman road, the setting of His parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-36). Travel to Qumran, site of the Dead Sea Scroll discovery, to discuss the mysterious community of Essenes who once lived on the shores of the Dead Sea. In Bethlehem, you’ll visit the cave revered as the place where Jesus was born (Matt. 1:18-25; Luke 2:1-7). The church, which was constructed on the site, is the world’s oldest functioning church. Nearby where the Good News was first heard.


Visit the Haas Promenade and enjoy a panoramic view from the south of Jerusalem, the Old City walls and the hill called Mount Moriah where Abraham was commanded by God to offer Isaac as a burnt offering (Gen. 22:2, 4). View the Kidron Valley and the Valley of Gehenna. Stand atop the Mount of Olives as Jesus did and enjoy a remarkable view of the Golden City of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock. Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven from the Mount of Olives (Acts 1:9-12). Visit the Chapel of the Ascension. Pray in the Garden of Gethsemane as Jesus prayed (Matt. 26:36- 44). Continue to Mount Zion to visit the House of the High Priest Caiaphas where Jesus was imprisoned for a night (Matt. 26:57-65). Stand in the Upper Room, revered as the place of the Last Supper (Mark 14:12-26). View the site of King David’s Tomb.

Travel to Ein Karem, known as the birthplace of John the Baptist and the place where the Virgin Mary visited Elisabeth (Luke 1: 26 – 40). View the Pool of Bethesda (John 5: 1-31) where Jesus performed the Sabbath miracle, and sing a hymn in the Church of St. Anne. Visit Herod’s Antonia Fortress where Jesus was brought before Pontius Pilate (Luke 23: 1-11). Walk the Via Dolorosa, the Way of the Cross, and stand in reverence at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Visit and worship at the Garden Tomb, possible site of the garden of Joseph of Arimathea and experience the reality of the Resurrection.

Masada and Dead Sea Tour:

Visit Masada, Herod’s mountaintop fortress that became the last stronghold of the Jewish Rebellion against the Romans. Ride the cable car to the top to explore. Peer down upon the remains of the Roman camps and siege ramp below. Time permitting; you’ll stop briefly at the Shores of the Dead Sea for a quick dip in the salt and mineral laden waters.

Author: Shirley Pittenger

Shirley Pittenger was the Executive Assistant, Office Manager, and Digital Communications & Social Media Manager at Bixby’s First Baptist Church from 2009 to 2017. Shirley is married to Bob Pittenger who is the Community Groups Pastor at the Church at Battlecreek in the Tulsa Metro area. Shirley holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Baptist College of Florida. She enjoys teaching in the youth group, singing, reading, studying God’s Word, and spending time with her family.

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