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Ultimate Guide to Halloween Safety Cover

Halloween is an exciting time of year for kids, and to help ensure they have a safe holiday, we created The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Safety. By following these simple tips, every parent and caregiver can help their child experience a fun – and safe – Halloween.

The Costume Parade – Keeping it Safe

  1. When shopping for costumes, wigs and accessories look for and purchase those with a label clearly indicating they are flame resistant. Children have been accidentally burned from open flame sources such as candles, jack-o-lanterns, fire pit and the like.
  2. Choose a costume that has dull accessories such as a sword, cane, or stick and is not very long. A child may be easily hurt by these items if he or she stumbles or trips.
  3. Bright and reflective costumes are ideal.
  4. There’s a lot of walking involved for all that loot. Make sure that shoes are comfortable and fit well.
  5. Costumes that are too long could cause tripping, entanglement or contact with flame. Be sure to check that your kiddo’s night doesn’t get all banged up because of ill-fitting attire.
  6. Choose light colored, reflective tape or stickers to decorate costumes and bags.
  7. Masks can limit or obstruct a child’s vision while walking. Consider non-toxic makeup and decorative hats as safer alternatives. Hats should fit properly to prevent them from sliding over eyes. Makeup should be tested ahead of time on a small patch of skin to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises on the big day.
  8. Do not use decorative contact lenses without an eye examination and a prescription from an eye care professional. While the packaging on decorative lenses will often make claims such as “one size fits all,” or “no need to see an eye specialist,” obtaining decorative contact lenses without a prescription is both dangerous and illegal. This can cause pain, inflammation, and serious eye disorders and infections, which may lead to permanent vision loss.

Safe Not Safe Halloween Safety Tips

Light Up Halloween

It is so important for all our little monsters to wear reflective clothing or carry a flashlight, glow stick, or reflective bag. But don’t take it from us, here’s a group of funky dancing kids who show us it’s fun to be seen on Halloween.

Halloween Safety Guide

The Ultimate Halloween Safety Guide includes the following safety tip sections:
• Take a Walk on the Wild Side – But Do It Safely
• Drive Extra Safely on Halloween
• Home Safe Home
• On the Trick-Or-Treat Trail
• Healthy Halloween
• Halloween Safety Tips from Law Enforcement
• NextDoor Treat Map
• Alternatives to Traditional Trick-Or-Treating

When it comes to childhood injury prevention, repeated and consistent messages are the keys to safety. Remember to review these safety tips with your children annually to help prevent pedestrian injuries, falls, poisonings, and other threats each October.

Download the complete guide with over 40 Halloween Safety Tips here. Spanish Guide also available.

Download Halloween Guide Here

Author: Shirley Pittenger

Shirley Pittenger was the Executive Assistant, Office Manager, and Digital Communications & Social Media Manager at Bixby’s First Baptist Church from 2009 to 2017. Shirley is married to Bob Pittenger who is the Community Groups Pastor at the Church at Battlecreek in the Tulsa Metro area. Shirley holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Baptist College of Florida. She enjoys teaching in the youth group, singing, reading, studying God’s Word, and spending time with her family.

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