Adult Ministry

The Adult Ministry is committed to administer the reaching, teaching and sending functions of the Adult Sunday Morning Bible Studies to equip fully devoted followers of Christ. We aim to assist in the enlistment and equipping of teachers and other workers, and to aid in sending newly developed leaders to other ministry areas of Bixby’s First.


Bixby’s First Baptist Church’s greatest desire is for people to come to and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Ultimately, every program and activity for adults has that dimension and priority.

The Adult Ministry is for those who are age 18 and up. Ministry opportunities abound for singles, married adults, and adults who are retired to find their place of serving the Lord through church related events.

We offer acceptance. You are welcomed when you attend a Bible study class or fellowship event for the first time and always. You are included and loved if areas of your life become hectic or unraveled.

We encourage development. Adults never outlive the need to grow in Christ. At every stage, adults experience challenges: getting married, raising children, changing vocations, adjusting to the loss of a spouse, empty nest, and others. Bixby’s First Baptist Church’s Adult Ministry seeks to equip with the skills, resources, and help needed to continuously grow.

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